Thursday 5 July 2012

Ultras Stickers - Part I

Edition One of "AiT takes out of focus pictures of Ultras stickers on German bins and lamp posts"

Here's number one in a series, that will no doubt slowly be forgotten about, of badly taken pictures of Ultras stickers. Yes, I have been taking pictures of torn off football stickers. Yes, I am a grown man. Enjoy!


 Pyrotechnics aren't a crime. 
You can have a read about the use of flares and the likes in German grounds over here in an article by Uli Hesse.

"Freedom for Ultras"

"If we come, we come together"

"Unfortunately I've got to stay outside.

No police observation in the St. Pauli stands."

" It's not like I'm enjoying it"

Flingern is a suburb of Düsseldorf where the club was formed in 1895. One of Fortuna's nicknames is "Die Flingeraner"

"Your home awaits you"

Even Bart Simpson thinks "Forrtuna is the coolest club in the world"


Even Yoda is a Fortuna fan. Soul City are a Fortuna Ultras group with a love of Northern Soul and Ska music and with around half their members being female. Some more of their artwork over here

Let us all take a moment to remember those Ultras stickers who are no longer with us. *wipes tear*

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  1. I thought Ultras were people who were too large for normal sized clothing, like XXXL+.
    Thank you AiTinPot for pulling the wool from my eyes.