Monday 23 May 2011

Sneaking in at Almada A.C

Lisbon offers the ultimate 'sneaking in a tinpot football ground while the missus thinks you're doing something cultural' opportunity.

Wherever you are in Lisbon you're not far from the watching eye of the Statue of Cristo-Rei, the mammoth statue on the opposite side of the Tagus river, that offers spectacular views of the city.

Now, don't tell the little lady I told but right next to the base of the statue (rather than half way up, obviously) is the tidy Campo de Jogos do Pragal, home of Almada A.C of the 1ª Divisão A.F. Setúbal. Well worth a look, she gets some culture and you get some brownie points for that; you get to see a football ground and she's none the wiser. Just don't mention my name, right? Good.

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  1. Thought you had gone to Barcelona?