Wednesday 20 April 2011

Sneaking in at Djurgårdens IF

You're at a work conference in Stockholm, it's been three days of PowerPoint hell, you and your Danish colleague Kaspar (the friendly Danish football fan) are bored shitless and hatch a plan to escape and have only one destination in mind; "driver, the nearest football ground please".

Ladies and Gentlemen AiT is proud to present to you Stockholms Olympiastadion, home of Djurgårdens IF, through the medium of piss poor photography. You can read about the club and the stadium by clicking the links, saves me copying and pasting wikipedia and passing it off as my own words. For more shabby photos of other grounds have a peek in the new 'Sneaking In' section. Tune in again soon as I attempt to pad out this blog with more poor photography.

Kaspar the friendly Danish football fan, sporting a Millwall scarf. "Korrekt uartig" as Danny Dyer might say. If he spoke Danish, which he almost certainly doesn't.


What's that sign on the back pillar? It's an ancient indian symbol if anyone asks, right?

Yeah, why aren't you at this work conference
Eh.....sorry, you're breaking up. There is no Kenny here, this is Thomas Brolin Svindal Larsen speaking....ok, bye!

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