Monday 30 January 2012

No Money Mo Problems.

Oxford City 2-0 Weymouth
Saturday 28th January 2012
Evostik Southern League
Court Place Farm Stadium, Oxford
Attendance: 260

Saturday peaked way too soon. About 2:42pm to be precise.

Oxford City played an absolute 100% belter of a song. A song from a golden era of music (the 90's) a song that stands alone in it's genius; a song that revolutionised music, a song from one of the greatest stars to rap on stage at Top of the Pops. Got it? What if I say he had the initials MJ? Yep, obvious isn't. Montell Jordan and his 1995 Number 11 work of genius "This Is How We Do It". I loved that song. I still do. It's like Montell was rapping about my life as a 14 year battling to survive on the mean streets of west Weymouth:

This is how we do it, all hands are in the air
And wave them from here to there
If you're an O.G. mack or a wanna-be player
You see the hood's been good to me
Ever since I was a lower-case G
But now I'm a big G. The girls see I got the money
A hundred-dollar bills y'all

I had a pretty lucrative paper round yo.

Shame. I was hoping to use this sweet jump to get like three feet of air. Gosh!

Sadly they only played half the song. A crime. Mark Morrison's 'Return of the Mac' was also brutally handcuffed and taken off to the playlist cells before Mark could let us know that he's back to to run the show as City sought to play snippets of their entire tape collection before kick off.

She's got that vibe.

When Montell was urging us all to tip our cups and throw our hands up Weymouth were busy bumbling around the Beazer Home Southern League, while our pesky cousin marrying, Fudd drinking neighbours from Shelbyville Dorchester were lording it in the league above. Once again they above us in the tinpot pyramid and our squad for this match was missing one of our better players, Sam Malsom, who, along with Stephen Reed, looks likely to head over the hill. They may have spent the week trying to harm our football team but we had the last laugh after a daring raid on Friday, by a bunch of civic pride emboldened Weymouth fans, recaptured our towns precious lemon tree from a car impound in down town Dorchester.

Oxford City are doing their bit to reduce the unemployment numbers in the local community. The programme lists a total of 60 jobs at the club, which works out at 1 job for every 3 songs partly played before kick off. For those wondering the Rev. Hedley Feast is the superbly named current Club Chaplain.

Weymouth FC linked with Kettering Town, Cambridge United, Rushden & Diamonds, Kidderminster Harriers, Grays, Hornchurch.......

No space on the club house walls are left uncovered. All of the above jobs have their own collage. There's about 8 posters for the 'Welfare Officer', a huge mirror, an Oxford City darts board (presumably managed by the Chief Pub Sports Liaison Officer), details of the next fixture of the Veterans team, a table football ehh...table and a poster showing the British Sign Language alphabet.

Token match shot.

It's alright, I get it. The club have a hige number of volunteers and are playing a role in the community and, yes, once again I am more than a little bit jealous of this. *doffs 'I heart punting' baseball hat* In fact I'm so impressed I'm tempted for a trip to their upcoming 80's/90's music night. Obviously I'll don ear plugs for the 80's guff but I have to admit I'm looking forward to bogling to Aswad.

Have you got anything by Apache Indian? China Black then? Ini Kamoze surely?

In the first half a helicopter landed on a building nearby.

Half time my homies from the hood decided to be good, community supporting, patrons and trying the local ale. Don't. Don't be community spirited. It tasted like stale Sarsons vinegar. ("this is how we brew it" anyone?)

Classic stud markage.

Amongst us a home fan, with the apparent job title of "Official Oxford City branded Jimmy Saville impersonator", wandered in between the covered walls. The old boy looked resplendent in a monogrammed Oxford City tracksuit, Oxford City baseball cap - complete with long hair creeping out from underneath -, blue sunglasses, ear rings, white headphones and some extravagant bling. Now then, now then if Weymouth are ever EVER going to have some positive recognition in the town I propose that a weeping, apologetic George RoLoLs is paraded along the Esplanade, sat in a rusty wheelbarrow, dressed as a destitute Jimmy Saville while fans pelt him with lukewarm Bovril and sharpened lemons.

The next stop is the east side motel.

A powerful look sir, I salute you.

As the ref blows his whistle for the second half the ladies of Oxford City retake their seats beneath the dirty bar window to warmly watch proceedings. Meanwhile I staggered round in the cold looking for an alkaline based drink to combat increasingly loud tummy shames.

The only numbers that ever matter in football are those in the final scoreline (#profound) and this one resulted in a 2-0 defeat, although after a 6-0 and a 4-0 defeat this has to be considered progress. Through the use of this concave graph I am delighted to show that mathematical science shows we will secure a 0-0 inflection (away) point against Stourbridge before going on a fantastic winning run and I very much look forward to our 8-0 win over Banbury next month.

The number that is generating the most interest in Weymouth at the moment is rumoured to be the £40,000 that George RoLoLs is rumoured to be asking for all but 9% ownership of the club. Fans of Kettering Town be afraid, he's heading your way, but hopefully we'll see the RoLoLs family heading over the hill to Shelbyville and onwards towards North Haverbrook shortly.

Up the Terras!

Friday 27 January 2012


Evesham United 4-0 Weymouth
Sunday 22nd January 2012
Evostik Southern League
St. George's Lane, Worcester
Attendance: 187

Sunday morning at AiT Towers is all about the two and a half hour Hollyoaks omnibus pervathon bonanza. Once that's finished it's time to retune the black and white goggle box to catch a peak at Louise Nurding on 'Something For The Weekend'. (I dream of the day Eternal reform) Once that's finished then, and only then, it's time to read the 'Said & Done' column in the Observer. A column that continually highlights the ludicrous utterings and acts of football folk; think Chairmen praising their managers as tactical Einsteins before, a day later, sacking them while flicking them the V's as they accelerate out the training ground car park.

Darn.....if only I could explain it better. If only could provide you with an example of a chairman prone to ridiculous outbursts., where could I find one?
Said & Done
A George Rolls motivational masterclass.
Kenny Legg, Sunday 22nd January 2012
Owner of the week
Weymouth chairman, George RoLoLs on his players: 7th January: “Not only are they winning matches but they are providing great entertainment.” 9th January: “I am confident it will not be long before Brendon gets the team back playing at Conference South level again.” 22nd January: “They are letting themselves down and the club down, and it appears some of them are just turning up to collect their wages each week. They are embarrassing the club at this moment in time.” RoLoLs also blabbered "look at the dross we have served up recently, something has to change and quick.”

Sadly not true. The match was scheduled for the afternoon and unfortunately took place.

Any reason for this violent mood swing? Previously to this we've lost in the FA Trophy to tinpot fashionistas Alfreton Town and our last league game, but in a season where avoiding relegation should have been the main priority things aren't that bad.

However a complete tupping from Evesham, due to a second half performance focused around defensive howlers and a lack of leadership, means that RoLoLs has every right to be angry, well he would if he was there and wasn't part of the problem.

While you ate your scrumptious sunday lunch I ate this.

On the 9th January, just before this little bad run George unveiled his latest hairbrain scheme. That being that our, CVA strained, finances were in such good shape that we plan to go full time next season because "if anything this is going to allow our wage bill to come down. He also mentioned that current players may be released in order to save money, if we are perceived to be safe from relegation. A situation that's confusing to the fans but must also have affected the players and, I'm no brainiac psychiatrist ( you may have detected), but this may have had an effect on recent performances. But, it's ok George reassures us he know how to run a football club. If he knows how to run a football club, for the best interests of the club, then I'm suffering from post natal depression.


About a hundred Weymouth fans made the trip, about 60 Evesham and about 27 groundhoppers. That's not to knock Evesham, they've been groundsharing since 2006 and are soon to move back home. Not to any old ramshackle ground either, just the nine full size pitches, training area, six changing rooms and a function room. Oh how I dream of a ground like this.

Token match shot.

Since 2006 Evesham have played at Worcester's St. George's Lane, home of the inaugural, some say debut, AiT whitterings fact fans. The ground is superb, it's old, it's ramshackle and has the look of that council house just down the road from you that has the car engine, massive trampoline and broken satellite dish in the garden yet somehow garishly exhibits a retina blistering amount of fairy lights every Christmas. Dotted around the corrugated iron fenced ground are empty flower pots, scraps of wood, piles of sand, traffic cones, broken bits of guttering, clumps of crepe paper, memories of glorious games gone buy and the magical appearance of the well loved football ground. Oh, how I dream of a ground like this. I have a lot of conflicting dreams ok.

Sky Sports new pundit and Gary Neville on a TV screen.

Inside the bar the Evesham club house has set its table out early and there's some great stuff for sale, including some Evesham knitted player dolls. These are made by Gladys Hawkins who will run the club shop at the new ground, along with her husband, while her son runs the programme shop. The club seem to be progressing off the pitch, with a great new stadium, with a place for a family with the best interests of the club at heart in club affairs and, most importantly, they won their last match quite easily. Yep. Oh how I dream of a club like this.

Admit it, if your club did these you'd want one.

Yes, I realise I didn't mention the game. If you were a Weymouth fan there you'd be maintaining the same silence.

Some sand.

Now leave me in peace with my dreams of the girls from Hollyoaks, Louise Nurding and me frolicking in the sand at St. George's Lane.

Up the Terras!

Sunday 15 January 2012

Six and the ground.

Weymouth 0-6 Alfreton Town
Saturday 14th January 2012
FA Trophy 2nd Round
Bob Lucas Stadium, Weymouth
Attendance: 739

Good news everyone! George RoLoLs is back as Chairman. Fetch the bunting from the loft, serve up the jelly and ice cream (don't set off a Chinese lantern for the Dorset Echo's sake) and let the good times rolls.

Bad news though. George's wife Amanda has stepped down, if she ever stepped up, as Chairman to spend more time with her quiche recipes. Sad face. I'm sure we all thank her for her contribution to the club and wish her all the best.

A nice touch.

George is back and he's come armed with more plans than a Land Registry.

1. Wiping out £75,000 worth of loans he put in. Thanks George, that's very generous. Is this a good time to discuss those Make It So Ltd shares you transferred to yourself? No? Ok..sorry.

2. Making season tickets available for £99 if 1000 are sold.. Good idea, can't see 1000 people going for it but I really hope I'm wrong.

3. Taking legal action against ex-chairman Malcolm Curtis regarding the sale of the land surrounding the stadium. Good luck with that.

4. Selling shares in the club, although only in batches of 2000 at £1,000 each. Apparently due to the paperwork involved. Must have been a nightmare when transferring all those Make It So Ltd shares then.

5. The masterplan. The squad to go full time next season. Yep, that's a Southern League team going full time because “if anything this is going to allow our wage bill to come down.” Presumably RoLoLs has worked this out on a banjaxed abacus and an upside down calculator that's stuck on the BOOBIES function. Or, maybe. Either way, it's nuts.

Put your thumb up if you'd like a bigger box for the pie.

With George's masterplan; the team playing well and with a FA Trophy game against a team with squad numbers, Conference strugglers Alfreton, I was delighted to part with my £11 entrance fee. Obviously I paid £20 as, if anything it allows my entrance fee to come down. .

Inside the busy bar are Weymouth fans who've not been scene for a while and a decent turn out of Alfreton fans. In between them a man in an Alfreton club tie, combined with a terrifically bushy tache and slicked back hair hair combo hurries around looking like an under employed northern working mens club compère who once glimpsed fame playing the role of 'Shopkeeper' in the second series of Johnny Briggs.


It's been a while since Weymouth played a Conference side and this match saw us rolling back the seasons. Sadly, we rolled it back to spring 2009, a season where we were regularly dicked by chortling Conference sides. Today horrific defending means we're five down by half time.



Goal four: Meh.

Goal five: Anyone fancy a pint?

Sod it. That's that then. Time to put away that tinfoil FA Trophy I'd spent the week making. I say tinfoil, I mean hand crafted silver encrusted with diamonds because, if anything, it worked out cheaper that way.

Token match shot.

The Alfreton fans are having a great time, they've even brought some flags. AiT approves of a bit of flag waveage. If there's one thing I can never never approve of though it's the attire of four blokes who should know better. Getting four T-Shirts printed so you can stand in a line and spell out the initials of your club is a massive 'Christ no'. Maybe you were doing it for a bet eh lads? Please say it's so.

But it's not all bad. These fans are now waaaay out ahead in the running for the 'Most Tinpot moment of the season' award at the (entirely fictional) Tinpotties, the glitzy drab award ceremony that celebrates lovingly mocks lower league football.

Second half, meh. It's great if your an Alfreton fan. Defenders are waltzing the ball out of defence, there's backheels galore, the team make it to brackets (six), the fans successfully solicit waves from their manager and get to sing a full range of songs, thankfully none of them mocking us. A highlight being "By the rivers of Alfreton" I like that. *doffs well worn northern flat cap*

Thanks for not scoring any more goals Alfreton because, if anything, that made you win by more.

Up the Terras!

Want to see how rubbish our defending was? Clicky.

Monday 9 January 2012

God! Show me the magic (of the FA Cup)

Brighton & Hove Albion v Wrexham
Saturday 7th January 2012
FA Cup Third Round
American Express Community Stadium, Brighton
Attendance 18,573

Here at AiT we' would like to welcome our S4C viewing welsh language viewers and therefore this blog nonsense is available in (google translate) Welsh by pressing the red button.

The tragic of the FA Cup.

As if you didn't know in 1991 Mickey Thomas conjured up the magic of the FA Cup when he scored a superb goal as little Wrexham beat big old Arsenal. This is the magic of the FA Cup, it's special. Gus Poyet wrote about it in his programme notes and every Wrexham fans turning up at Brighton dreamt of it the night before. In reality summoning up the magic of the FA Cup is about as likely as seeing Jimmy Krankie knock out Paul Daniels. What? Oh.

**dream sequence**

Horrific vision of Graham Kelly dressed as a Wizard but still maintaining that pained gaze of an septuagenarian straining to hold in a fart.*

"and Bert Millichip, please could you pull out the last home team from the Magic of the FA Cup top hat

Bert has pulled out a large rabbit carrying the Jack of Spades, who represent 'Hackney Marshes FC'. The Great Soprendo if you could be so kind to pull the last team from the hat.

*a flustered Great Soprendo removes a never ending string of coloured hankies tied together*

The plucky minnows of Hackney Marshes FC, who defeated Northwich Victoria to reach this stage, will play a home tie against Kenny Dalglish's Liverpool, containing new signing Jimmy Carter. That concludes the draw for the 3rd round of the FA Cup. It's back to Bob Wilson (anchorman) in the studio where Grotbags will make Sutton United hero Matt Hanlan disappear and Ronnie Radford will be sawn in half by Sooty in this extra special edition of 'The Magic of the FA Cup'"

***dream sequence ends***

When ze big man walks past ze seagulls, it is because he thinks there will be beer and pies.

"La, La, La, La, La, La La, La, La, La.....Brighton". *shakes head*

"Put your hands up, Put your hands up, Put your hands up for Brighton" *holds head in hands*

Oh dear. What's wrong with a bit of 'Ready To Go' by Republic pre kick off. Mmm, Saffron. One Brighton fan waves his tinfoil FA Cup and becomes an instant hero for me, the rest of the Brighton fans sit down quietly in the padded seats as the Wrexham fans stand up and bellow out "We love you Wrexham" at kick off.

We dream the same thing
We want the same thing ...ooh...
And all that we need is to
See it together

At the AmEx Stadium you are never more than 4.2metres from somewhere selling pies and pints. This isn't true but it is scientific fact. If you can't get to the refreshment stand a beer pump on wheels or an attractive women selling pies from a magical bag will come to you. It's genius. This means the every thirsty punter gets his to down his '15 minute challenge' pint of Harveys well in time to follow Gus Poyet's the order on the TV screens to get back to our seats. Which is exactly what we didn't do. If anyone wants to describe Jack Forster Caskey's opening goal to me don't bother, I've got Youtube, I've seen it now. Thanks anyway though, I'll obey Gus next time. mmmm pie.

"Yeah, alright Gus. We'll be there in a minute. We're just finishing our beers alrig......what? 1-0? Who scored?

mmmm seagull pie.

14 minutes later Adrian Cieslewisz uses the magic words "long jinking run culminating in a shot slammed into the net" to send the Wrexham fans bonkers barmy. Now, if I was to invoke an AiT version of the magic of the FA Cup I would say it contained a ramshackle pitch invasion. The Wrexham fans duly obliged. *doff's comedy red wig* The scene gets better as a, suddenly startled, Wrexham fan realises he is shambling round the penalty area on his own and he's now got to outwit the illuminous hulk of a steward bearing down on him. A shimmy here, a drunken stagger, a crazed charge. A textbook headlock and grapple to the floor. A victory for the steward that means this lad doesn't see any more of the game, but he did give over 18,000 people a jolly good actual LOL and that's what's important in this story.

Token match shot.

An inflatable sheep bounces around the Wrexham fans their team look more likely to get the goal needed to fully unleash the super powers of the magic of the FA Cup. No matter how many "izzy wizzy lets gets busy" or "piff paff poofs" the full magic of the FA Cup isn't quite forthcoming today. A one all away draw to a team over 50 places above you in the league isn't bad though and Brighton fans acknowledge this by sportingly clapping the Wrexham players off.

Your actual Modern Toss there.

Local beers for local people.

The great relationship between the fans continues after the game as both sets of fans gather in the West Stand concourse to talk about the game, guzzle more pints and scoff more pies. mmmm pies. The scene continues in Dick's Bar, a superb bar selling both Salt & Shake and beef Monster Munch potato and/or maize based snack fans. Wrexham fans sup celebratory pints of their local Brains ale and mix with Brighton fans quaffing congratulatory Harveys well into the evening and this, happy ending fans (not that sort), is a scene that shows the magic of being a football fan. *wipes tear from eye*

Please note inclusion of full moon for perceived artistic shot.

Now - if you actually want to read about the match don't read The Ball Is Round or The Real FA Cup events, head straight to the Two Hundred Percent account of the day. He wasn't (quite) as roaring drunk as us lot.

Sunday 8 January 2012

Duw! Dangoswch i mi y hud (y Cwpan yr FA)

Brighton & Hove Albion v Wrecsam
Dydd Sadwrn 7 Ionawr, 2012
Cwpan yr FA Rownd Trydydd
American Express Stadiwm Cymunedol, Brighton
Presenoldeb 18,573

Yma yn AIT byddem 'tebyg i groesawu ein gwylwyr gwylio S4C iaith Gymraeg ac felly mae hyn lol blog ar gael yn Saesneg trwy wasgu'r botwm coch.

Mae trasig Cwpan yr FA.

Fel pe nad oeddech yn gwybod yn 1991 conjured Mickey Thomas, hyd y hud Cwpan yr FA pan sgoriodd gôl ardderchog gan guro Arsenal Wrecsam ychydig o hen mawr. Mae hyn yn hud Cwpan yr FA, mae'n arbennig. Ysgrifennodd Gus Poyet am y peth yn ei nodiadau rhaglen a phob gefnogwyr Wrecsam yn troi i fyny ar Brighton breuddwydio am fod y noson gynt. Mewn gwirionedd, galw i fyny y hud Cwpan yr FA yn ymwneud yn fwy tebygol na gweld Jimmy Krankie guro allan Paul Daniels. Beth? Oh.

**Dilyniant breuddwyd **

Gweledigaeth erchyll o Graham Kelly wedi gwisgo fel Dewin ond mae'n dal i gynnal y gaze pained o septuagenarian straenio i gynnal mewn fart .*

"A Bert Millichip, gallai os gwelwch yn dda i chi dynnu allan i'r tîm cartref olaf o'r Magic of ben Cwpan FA het

Bert wedi tynnu allan cwningen mawr yn cario'r Jack of Spades, sy'n cynrychioli 'Hacni Corsydd CC'. Mae'r Soprendo Fawr pe gallech fod mor garedig i dynnu y tîm diwethaf o'r het.

*Y Soprendo ddryslyd Fawr yn tynnu llinyn byth yn dod i ben o hancesi lliw clymu at ei gilydd*

Bydd y sildod plucky Hackney Corsydd Comisiwn Coedwigaeth, sydd drechu Northwich Victoria i gyrraedd y cam hwn, yn chwarae gêm gartref yn erbyn Kenny Dalglish yn Lerpwl, yn cynnwys arwyddion newydd Jimmy Carter. Dyna ddiwedd y raffl ar gyfer rownd 3ydd Cwpan yr FA. Mae'n ôl i Bob Wilson (anchorman) yn y stiwdio lle bydd Grotbags gwneud Sutton Unedig arwr Matt Hanlan yn diflannu a bydd yn cael ei Ronnie Radford wedi'i lifio yn ei hanner gan Sooty yn y rhifyn hwn arbennig ychwanegol o 'The Magic of Cwpan yr FA' "

***Dilyniant freuddwyd yn dod i ben *** ***

Pan fydd dyn yn Ze mawr gwylanod Ze teithiau cerdded yn y gorffennol, mae'n oherwydd ei fod yn credu y bydd cwrw a phasteiod.

"La, La, La, La, La, La La, La, La, La. .... Brighton". *Ysgwyd pen*

"Rhowch eich dwylo i fyny, Rhowch eich dwylo i fyny, Rhowch eich dwylo ar gyfer Brighton" * dal pen mewn dwylo *

O diar. Beth sydd o'i le gydag ychydig o 'Barod i Fynd' gan Weriniaeth cyn cychwyn. Mmm, Saffron. Un tonnau gefnogwr Brighton ei tinfoil Cwpan FA Lloegr a dod yn arwr i mi ar unwaith, weddill y cefnogwyr Brighton eistedd yn dawel yn y seddi padio wrth i'r cefnogwyr Wrecsam sefyll i fyny ac bellow allan "Rydym yn dy garu di Wrecsam" yn cychwyn.

Rydym yn freuddwyd yr un peth
Rydym am yr un peth ... www ...
Ac popeth yr ydym ei angen yw i
Gweler ei gilydd

Yn y Stadiwm Amex nad ydych yn fwy na 4.2metres o rywle werthu pasteiod a peint. Nid yw hyn yn wir, ond mae'n ffaith gwyddonol. Os nad ydych yn gallu cyrraedd y lluniaeth sefyll pwmp cwrw ar olwynion neu fenywod deniadol werthu pasteiod o fag hudol ddod atoch chi. Mae'n athrylith. Mae hyn yn golygu y Punter bob sychedig yn cipio ei i'w lawr peint ei '15 her munud 'o Harveys yn dda mewn pryd i ddilyn Gus Poyet yn y gorchymyn ar y sgriniau teledu i fynd yn ôl at ein seddi. Pa un yw union beth nad oeddem yn ei wneud. Os oes unrhyw un eisiau i ddisgrifio gôl agoriadol Jack Forster Caskey i mi peidiwch â thrafferthu, mae gen i Youtube, rwyf wedi ei weld yn awr. Diolch beth bynnag fodd bynnag, byddaf yn ufuddhau Gus y tro nesaf. MMMM pastai.

"Ie, Gus iawn. Byddwn ni yno mewn munud. Rydym yn unig gorffen ein cwrw alrig ...... beth? 1-0? Pwy sgoriodd?

MMMM wylan pastai.

14 munud yn ddiweddarach Adrian Cieslewisz yn defnyddio'r geiriau hud "hir yn rhedeg jinking gorffen gyda ergyd Condemniwyd i'r rhwyd" i anfon y cefnogwyr Wrecsam barmy boncyrs. Yn awr, os oeddwn i alw fersiwn AIT o hud y Cwpan yr FA byddwn yn dweud ei fod yn cynnwys cae ramshackle ymosodiad. Mae cefnogwyr Wrecsam yn ofynnol yn briodol. * Wig comedi doff yn goch * Mae'r olygfa yn gwella fel, dychryn yn sydyn, Wrecsam fan yn sylweddoli ei fod yn shambling amgylch y cwrt cosbi ar ei ben ei hun ac erbyn hyn mae'n rhaid i trechu'r Hulk illuminous o stiward yn dwyn i lawr arno. Mae shimmy yma, yn feddw ​​igam-ogamu, codi tâl gwallgof. Mae headlock gwerslyfr a ymgodymu i'r llawr. Nid yw buddugoliaeth ar gyfer y stiward mae hynny'n golygu y bachgen yn gweld mwy o'r gêm, ond oedd yn rhoi mwy na 18,000 o bobl y LOL gwirioneddol hwyliog da a dyna beth sy'n bwysig yn y stori.

Tocyn cyfateb saethu.

Mae defaid chwyddadwy adlamu o amgylch y cefnogwyr Wrecsam eu tîm yn edrych yn fwy tebygol o gael y nod sydd ei angen i ryddhau yn llawn y pwerau super o hud y Cwpan yr FA. Dim ots faint o "Izzy wizzy gadael yn cael brysur" neu "piff paff poofs" nid yw hud llawn y Cwpan yr FA yn eithaf sydd i ddod heddiw. Nid yw un-i gyd i ffwrdd yn tynnu at dîm dros 50 o leoedd yn uwch i chi yn y gynghrair yn wael er bod a chefnogwyr Brighton yn cydnabod hyn drwy glapio sportingly y chwaraewyr Wrecsam i ffwrdd.

Eich Modern gwirioneddol Toss yno.

Cwrw lleol ar gyfer pobl leol.

Mae'r berthynas mawr rhwng y cefnogwyr yn parhau ar ôl y gêm gan fod y ddau set o gefnogwyr ymgasglu yng nghyntedd Stondin Gorllewin i siarad am y gêm, guzzle peint mwy a mwy o scoff peis. pasteiod MMMM. Mae'r olygfa yn parhau yn Dick y Bar, bar gwych sy'n gwerthu ddau Halen a Ysgwydwch a Monster Munch eidion tatws a / neu gefnogwyr byrbryd yn seiliedig ar indrawn. Ddilynwyr Wrecsam yn dathlu cefnogaeth peint o gwrw eu Brains lleol a chymysgu gyda chefnogwyr Brighton quaffing Harveys longyfarch ymhell i'r nos, ac mae hyn, cefnogwyr diweddglo hapus (nid y math), yn olygfa sy'n dangos y hud o fod yn gefnogwr pêl-droed. * Cadachau dagrau o lygaid *

Nodwch cynnwys lleuad llawn ar gyfer saethu canfyddedig artistig.

Nawr - os ydych yn awyddus i ddarllen am y gêm yn darllen Y Ddawns A Rownd neu y digwyddiadau Cwpan yr FA Go Iawn, ewch yn syth i'r cyfrif Two Hundred Canran y dydd. Nid oedd ef (eithaf) yn rhuo meddw â ni lawer.