Sunday 3 October 2010

Up sick Creek.

Bristol Manor Farm v Wells City
Saturday 2 October 2010
Toolstation Western Premier Division
The Creek, Sea Mills, Bristol
Attendance: 35(ish)

Dear reader,

There will be no match report today as AiTinpot was ill due to an excess of beer and vodka the previous night. You will appreciate that my sole focus was on not being violently ill in the toilets of low level non league football ground, which surely would have been a nadir in my life.

Feel cheated about the lack of Bristol Manor Farm action? Go here and here for your kicks. Now, have a look at some pictures and please drink responsibly.

Yours sincerly,

PS - Wells won 2-0.

Sea Mills Dock with The Creek in the background. Give yourself a Bristol history lesson here, go on, learn something from this blog.

Doesn't look like Jack has much choice to be honest.

The best seat in the house (ground).

The second best seat in the house (ground).

Of course coloured goal nets....of course.

Yer booked!!

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