Sunday 21 February 2010

Worst. Game. Ever. Relegation. Certain.

Bath City FC v Weymouth FC
Saturday 20th February, 2010
Conference South
Twerton Park, Bath
Attendance: 656

Pre match preview.

Quite often supporting Weymouth recently a good day out has been ruined by the 90 minutes of football and this was definitely one of those times. My blogs so far have rarely mentioned what happened during the games and I will struggle to write more than a paragraph on this one, it was so unspeakably bad and I watch Weymouth games with very little emotional attachment now. The players change every week so I couldnt tell you who had a good game, who played badly or offer any tactical insight. This really was a case of standing there for 90 minutes, expecting to lose and just watch the latest set of men to wear the Weymouth shirt toil away before the inevitable defeat.

Anyways, highlight of the day was the 15 minute train journey to Oldfield Park, such was the direness of the match we observed. I unintentionally caused a man's brain to melt by taking a drink of water from my drinks bottle purchased at the Djurgarden IF Football team store in Stockholm last year, it turns out that this was his local team and he couldnt fathom how I happened to be in possesion of some merchandise from his team while passing through the outskirts of Keynsham.

Louis and me then had to move down the train to allow more Bath rugby fans to embark and found ourselves stood by some middle aged Worcester rugby fans battling frantically with a music lyrics quiz. Louis' fancies himself as a bit of a musical genius and set about trying to assist by singing the lines out loud in the carriage, this strategy offered very little assistance (especially as Louis was singing the ones they had succesful answered) and we resorted to the wonder of google. They were clearly struggling and the fact they couldnt identify the lyric of " there is no future in England's dreaming" as being from God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols would suggest punk past them by and that this quiz was a losing battle.

After fighting are way off the train and failing in our mission to stop Bath midfielder and Weymouth reject, Sido Jombarti, from getting off the train and being sent on a way journey to Brighton we make our way to Twerton Park to watch the early kick off of Everton v Manchester United.

The scene of this weeks defeat. Property of Bath City FC, not some ass property developer.

I'll swap you two Sido Jombarti's and a Lewis Hogg for a Matt Coupe.

I knew there was a reason for letting Louis' come along with me (sorry Spew!) and that was the fact that we gained free entry for the game as the Bath assistant manager, Lee Howells, doubles up as Louis' barber and gave us a couple of complimentary tickets for the game, at least I suffered no financial setback as a result of watching this dross. I thanked Mr Howells for his generosity, congratulated him on his impending victory and entered the bar. The bar played host to Eric Cantona in the summer, promoting his film ' Looking for Eric', which was directed by long term Bath City fan Ken Loach. Infact a DVD of the visit was available for the bargain price of £5 (five) from the club shop. The pictures on the wall also suggested a series of film icons had graced the prestigious 'Randall's' bar but alas I couldn't find a DVD of Marilyn Munroe's visit.

When ze fat man follow ze property developer, it's because he think they can make a nice tidy profit.

Bath City fan Marilyn Munroe with former Bath City manager Paul Bodin.

Our idea to watch the early kick of was scuppered as there was a technical fault with the Sky box, sadly there was to be no technical faults with the match we were there to see and the game was still on. With an hour or so to kick off I find myself tuning into conversations from various Bath City fans commenting on our current position, "6 goals in one game, thats quite rare".....yeah, yeah. Thanks for pointing that out. A trip to bar almost ended up the tragedy of double beer wastage as I both jumped 4 foot in the air and very nearly touched cloth after an extremely loud annoucement about the availability of pies at the bar was made. A lucky escape for the beer.

Pre match build up and none of the comedy stylings of the Worcester City's PA Announcer, instead the standard staple pre match football songs of Republica's "Ready To Go" and Dario G's Carneval de Paris. Sadly no earlier 90s classic's that helped soften the blow of the Worcester defeat.

Oh to hire a hitman......! And....'see The Bear' for details - brilliant.

Now, the match. Christ. I have very rarely witnessed such a hopelessly inept game from two piss poor sides. The low point for me and ohh there were many, being watching a Bath player shank the ball out of play whilst under no pressure and then the resulting Weymouth throw in drifting out aimlessly for a goal kick. Bath missed a penalty just before half time. I dont know who took it, I dont know who gave it away.

The second half, um....2 seagulls flew over the pitch at one point - that was quite interesting. Yeah, it was that dull. Weymouth manage to keep a clean sheet for about 70 minutes but never really look like scoring, amongst the fans there is no sense that we might get a point. None of that seige mentality and willing the team on to try and keep the opposition out. We're all resigned to the fact that Bath will score at some point and indeed Bath scored at some point, I dunno when exactly. Their player just passing the ball into the net from a central position and then a little while later they add a second. Thats it, no way back and thats how it finished.

Young Duncan and old Duncan.

Shortly before the end the more vociferous Bath City fans sing to Weymouth manager (and ex Bath City player) Jerry Gill to "give them a wave", which he did. Muppet. Jerry, they're mocking you, your team is rubbish and they're mocking you, so that fact that you waved back was embarassing. OK, their was a group of Weymouth fans stood near them so maybe you thought they were singing your name. Now, why would they be singing your name Jerry? If they were, which they werent, it would have been because they were mocking you also. George "trade recruitment supremo" Rolls is probably also mocking you, by setting you up to fail and being the fall guy for our now certain relegation.

I dont think I've ever watched a game with less interest, less belief and pride in being a Weymouth fan. I'm exhausted, most of our fans are, this circus has gone on for far too long and shows no sign of ending anytime soon - and if it does it certainly won't be in a good way. There's the constant worry of just how low we can sink, a friend commented to me last week that last years 0-9 defeat to Rushden would have been the nadir but no, no way, not even close. Maybe it will come on Tuesday with the free entry for all at the game against Braintree Town, Ill be amazed if there is more than 700 there and the statements from George "trade recruitment supremo" Rolls and his henchmen this week will make interesting, and no doubt worrying, reading.

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