Friday 8 April 2011

Tiverton v Weymouth match preview. Sort of.

The cause of the latest unrest at Weymouth FC? A letter and a £5 per head buffet.

The Weymouth Football Club Supporters Association (WFCSA) has finally removed the tightly pulled wool over it's eyes and issued an open letter to our acting Chairman, Pranas Preidzuis, and the ex-Chairman/husband of the majority the shareholder, George Rolls questioning their intentions towards the club. The letter itself contains some juicy questions regarding the ownership of the clubs shares, the financial situation, discussions of a ground share with Dorchester and "what The Board would seek for a takeover to progress." As expected the letter remains unanswered.

Why not write to the Chairman?

Well there doesn't appear to be one, Preidzuis is obviously busy running the Vilnius branch of the Weymouth FC supporters club and the majority shareholder, a Mrs Amanda Rolls (wife of George) is probably busy cutting squares of cheese to add to some of Del Monte's finest pineapple chunks for the buffet at the Fans Forum night, (tickets available at a bargain £5 per person) on the 16th April to "discuss the way forward and the future of Weymouth Football Club."

The 'Fans Forum' has been arranged for the spectacularly awkward time of 6:30pm on a Saturday. It's almost like Mrs Rolls doesn't want fans to pop down to the Bob Lucas Stadium for a cosy chat and a slice of her lovely ham and cheese quiche. Weymouth fans have criticised the timing of the Forum and the cost of attendance. In fairness to Weymouth fans though would you go to a dinner party where you the hosts, who have taken over your house at minimal cost, tried to turf you out to your annoying neighbours, destroyed the memories held there, were probably seeking to bulldoze your house (including that treehouse out the back your noisy kids made) and then charge you £5 for some vol-au-vent's and a glass of Blue Nun at your old house for a little chat about their further numpty plans for your beloved old house? Would you balls.

One man who won't be turning up on the doorstep with a bottle of cheap plonk and some mini scotch eggs is Dorchester Town Chairman Shaun Hearn. Hearn thankfully declared ground share discussions between the two clubs to be"null and void" and has sparked a spat between the two clubs. Hearn's refusal to proceed has no doubt scuppered the Rolls' plans somewhat and left George so angry he accidentally burnt a tray of Amanda's cocktail sausages.

In yet another bizarre Weymouth FC related (chicken) nugget of information the local paper has reported that "The Terras’ board had agreed to fit solar panels free of charge (through a company owned by acting chairman Pranas Preidzius) at the Avenue Stadium as part of their rental deal". If anyone from the Weymouth FC board told me the sun was that bright yellow thing in the sky I'd want to check twice to be honest. I doubt talk of a ground share has gone and the Rolls' will no doubt be back with a Tupperware box full of cold mini sausage rolls and a half eaten tube of Pringles in the hope Hearn might reconsider.

On the pitch things have turned to shit again. Like a bored housewife getting stuck into the potent dinner party punch we got absolutely smashed this week, 4-1 away at Bedford Town. This result that sent us falling backwards down the Zamaretto stairs and landing in a crumpled heap in the relegation zone again. Once again we go into Saturdays match with the stability of a watery Rowntrees jelly as a result of yet another spectacularly idiotic move by George Rolls, a man who deserves to be prodded with a thousand cocktails sticks ad nauseam for the rest of time.

One of the highlights of this year is that the Weymouth supporters have contributed over £9,000 towards the players wages this season through the Wessex Fantasy Football scheme. In a rare show of fan unity WFF have decided not to release any more funds until a written response to the WFCSA letter is issued by our party host, Amanda Rolls, and her incompetent kitchen hand George. In response a vitriolic statement appeared on the clubs website saying that "the Board of Directors will not be blackmailed into written response" and "the Board will now have to inform (manager) Martyn Rogers that he will have to release players with immediate effect".

Abysmal preparation for this vitally important game and, once again, Terras fans will travel to a game not knowing what kind of team we will see in the Weymouth FC shirt.

Up the Terras!


  1. Excellent take Kenny

    Rolls and his associates are no better than commonn thieves

  2. About sums it all up .... unfortunately.

    Whitehall farce or Greek tradegy .... take your pick.