Friday 22 April 2011

Che(e)s(e)ham, Rolls to go, get me Che(e)s(e)ham, Rolls to go

Two weeks ago more idiotic actions from George Rolls led me to write ' Abysmal preparation for this vitally important game and, once again, Terras fans will travel to a game not knowing what kind of team we will see in the Weymouth FC shirt."

Two weeks on, with a massive game against Chesham United on Saturday, more idiotic actions from Rolls mean this sentence is as valid today as it's always been.


Because the players are talking of striking after not being paid their wages, that's why. Nothing too trivial then.

Last week I was in the bar, post the defeat to Hednesford, and with no sign of majority shareholder Amanda Rolls, or her famous pineapple chunks for the fans forum buffet in sight the players started to drift into the bar. It was soon apparent things weren't right. Shocked faces, urgent discussions and angered comments about not being able to pay rent led into more serious comments that “this is a nightmare” and “he's a fucker”. There is only one man this could be about.

What's George been up to since last Saturday?

Innnn one!! Rolls had apparently promised to pay the non-contracted players after the game. However, it's hard to fulfil this promise when Rolls' had left the ground, with the bar and turnstile takings, and switched his phone off. This is the actions of a man, who holds no official position at the club and said he was acting in the “best interest of Weymouth Football Club” on the Non League Show recently. Quite how causing the players to consider a strike with two vitally important games is in the best interest of the club is any ones guess.

Innnn two!! George had said there would be a fans forum after the Hednesford match. In a complete shock to no one it was called off, with no notice given. Quotes from Rolls made my blood boil; "One or two of them (our mysterious Lithuanian directors – who definitely do exist) had flown in from Lithuania where they had been on business all week so it was very disappointing. It is also a bit of a blow that more people do not want to come out and talk about the future of the club. The reason it cost £5 to get in was to help get some coffers in the bank”. Bullshit.

Innnnn three! It was rumoured that George “best interest of the Weymouth Football club” Rolls reported the club to the FA about alleged direct and illegal payments to players, which led to rumours of a five point deduction.

This was a result of payments by the Wessex Fantasy Football organisation, which has raised over £9,000 to pay players wages this season, which are made through the club. The WFF have since distanced themselves from this rumour, although the subsequent statement released by Associate Director, Nigel Biddlecombe, stating that "at this moment in time - I have not received any communication from the Football Association that infers, charges or concludes that the club are to be involved in any action that might lead to such a deduction.”...that's “at this moment in time”, a phrase that doesn't exactly end those rumours.

Innnnnn four!! Wednesday saw the Echo report that Amanda Rolls, with advice from her doting husband George, had decided not to sell the club to local businessman Iain Ferguson. The Echo reporting that Ferguson had “been unable to agree terms that would tempt the ex-chairman to convince his wife Amanda to part with her majority shareholding.” If it wasn't heart breaking it would almost be laughable.

Now, why is Amanda so mute? She is the major shareholder? She must have finished preparing the imaginary buffet by now? Or is it perhaps, as this post speculates, that George is seeking to distance himself from the club to avoid any complications should the club accidentally become insolvent and George want his money back, to treat Amanda to that new cooker her promised. Obviously this is hypothetical because George is acting in the “best interest of the Weymouth Football Club”

Innnnnn five!!! On Thursday the threat of a strike edged a step nearer, with the local paper reporting that after speaking to “ex-chairman George Rolls, who remains firmly in control of events... Weymouth’s non-contracted players will not be paid for the remaining two games of the season” How can a man with no shareholding in the club, nor a Director remain “in control of events” and refuse to pay players? Questions for a higher authority than this here blog.

Once again there is talk of a fans protest against Rolls at Saturday's game. Again Amanda was busy in the kitchen so it's Biddlecombe to the rescue with the statement urging fans not to do anything to jeopardise our points tally....that's strictly George's job.

And George's speccccccial prize; “We are hopeful of naming a successor (as Chairman) shortly. It’s just a matter of that person agreeing to become chairman”. No doubt this will continue George's legacy of “acting in the best interest of the club” and probably build a life size bronze statue of Rolls and Malcolm Curtis heavy petting outside the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Lets hope Saturday's team news brings news of a committed, belligerent bunch, proud in the Weymouth shirt and venting their anger at the Rolls treatment and that the fans represent a committed, belligerent bunch, proud to be Weymouth fans and venting their anger at the Rolls treatment. Will Rolls show. No chance (probably). Lets hope the team do.

Up the Terras!

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