Sunday 27 March 2011

The Man Who Sold Everything (to himself and then transferred it to his wife)

Cirencester Town 3-0 Weymouth
Saturday 26th March 2011
Zamaretto Premier League
Corinium Stadium, Cirencester
Attendance: 217

Pics to follow and apologies for the formatting

Imagine a season where these things happen at your club:

Your manager quits only to return four hours later saying " The club needs to be run right all the way through"

Your twunt of a, supposedly, ex Chairman has an angry interview on the Non league radio show, where he tells Dave Anderson "you don't know what you're talking about" when he questions Rolls' intentions towards the club and then goes on to say "we just wanted to help a football club out" to explain his actions since he became involved. For the full show click here, set your face to 'stunned' and listen from around 31 minutes.

The ex-Chairman’s wife suddenly becomes the major shareholder in the club, as announced on the radio show.

A player walks out after not being paid and being told he doesn't have a contract with the club when he believed he did.

Your main shareholder and husband stars a company using the nickname of your club, Terras Leisure Ltd based in their home town of Cambridge. Not to worry though because we are told "is a completely separate concern to the football club."

Pretty shambolic season? Well, this is a week at Weymouth Football Club. A WEEK. 7 (seven) days. Even Craig David took a day off from screwing things, not George Rolls.

A week ago I was gloomier than a Joy Division fan convention during a power cut after seeing us lose to a last minute goal away at Chippenham, then all the above shite happens but for some reason I was still excited about Cirencester away. My mind's not right.

Cirencester's Coronium ground is the kind of ground that non league fans would call a "good little set up". This means it's not falling too rubble, has a 5 a side pitch nearby, some nice table and chairs in a well stocked bar and shows all the signs of being owned by a well run club. *sighs*

A doth of the AiT cap to the 60 or so Weymouth fans there, the same faces that make the away trips every week, you are better supporters than me. When one of our directors greets a group of long suffering Weymouth fans with the phrase "another day at the madhouse" it really isn't with a sense of irony. However there are a couple of "fans" not here, which is odd seeing as the Rolls' being a self certified "a football family". You would think that Amanda Rolls would have been keen to see generous George's latest gift. How very odd. She was probably at home watching the youtube clip of Martyn Underhay's goal against Kings Lynn in 2000.

After a fairly decent first twenty minutes Weymouth were woeful and it become one of the most miserable day watching Weymouth ever and the culmination of another embarrassing, shameful seven days at WFC. The players have to take some blame; all three goals came from set pieces that were badly defended. The third being an almost free header from a corner with our keeper nowhere and Cirencester really should have had a load more.

Further crapness happens with a throw in going straight out of play, the keeper slicing numerous kicks out of play, the left back executes a text book air shot sums up an afternoon where we have our first shot on target shortly before five to five. We were so shockingly bad that the stewards were laughing at us. The stewards. I've not been a proud Weymouth fan for 24 years to go and watch us get laughed in places like Cirencester.

Earlier this week I felt real anger at the way this club has become a laughing stock as a result of Malcolm Curtis and now George Rolls. Listening to that shithouse on the radio saying he was a football man and all Weymouth fans wanted to do was watch football made me furious. Football is a competitive sport and we've barely competed for two years now. Reading one of our players say that Rolls had no intention of paying a contracted player sent my inner rageometer to dangerous levels and seeing the latest set of not up to it players toil in the Weymouth shirt today has made me absolutely livid.

It's not the players fault, they're probably not getting paid and most of them are playing way above where they should. It's not manager Martyn Rogers fault (a man dressed like a mannequin from Meeches menswears window) It's the bastards that have made us field a team like this, taken our land, ripped the heart out of the club and made me, like many Weymouth fans, question why I support the remnants of what use to be a proud club.

Were going down again that's clear to see and not without reason and Matches against Almondsbury, Wimborne await next year. As much as days out at Forest, Bishops Stortford and Tamworth were great days like this hurt like hell. I'd trade the memories of all those days for one season of mid season mediocrity with a chairman who cares about the club and not about lining his pockets and when watching football was about match on the pitch and not the battle off it.

However, I’m proud to have one of Phil Stockers old shirts at home, the programme from when we played Preston North End in 1962 and every moment spent watching Weymouth FC since I was six years old is a special memory for me. So screw you George Rolls you shit. I'm still a fan, ill hope that weeks like this can unite our fans again and rid Weymouth FC of you. Until then I'll continue to support my club, continue to pay my money to pay the wages and pray hard for the day you weasel off and never have anything to do with us again.


  1. Great write up Kenny, spot on as always, something worth keeping an eye on is the following planning application. It is my opinion that the if the planning application is approved then this is the first step to allowing housing. Ok this might be static caravans, but once that is approved they are half way down the road to approving housing.

    Application Number 1/D/11/000417 Date 15/03/2011 WESSEX STADIUM, RADIPOLE LANE, CHICKERELL, DT4 9XJ Change of use of car parking spaces to a temporary storage area for mobile static caravans (Change of Use)

    This must be challenged.

  2. Nice one Ken. Rolls is as reliable and safe as a Japanese Nuclear reactor. I'm up for an away trip to Tivvy. Keep the faith, we could still stay up!!