Saturday 20 February 2010

Some pre-match preview ramblings. Bath City v Weymouth.

It's only a month since I last went to see The Terras, you'd think not much would have happened during this month, but no. New lows are continually sunk. Since the Worcester defeat a new inexperienced manager has been appointed, we've signed the Chairman's nephew from Level 7 of the non league pyramid, a winding up order for £104,000 has been issued against us by a man who we were told had saved the club from oblivion earlier in the season, some of our better players leaving in acromonius circumstances to be replaced by inferior and inexperienced replacements. On the pitch things are fairing no better, with a record of P4 W1 D0 L3 F4 A 14, since my last game and culminating in a 0-6 (six) thrashing at home by Basingstoke last week and if that wasnt bad enough all 6 (six) goals (six) were scored by the same player (the same player!!). This game prompting one fan to throw his season ticket (doth of cap to you Sir) at Chairman George "trade recruitment supremo" Rolls and George "trade recruitment supremo" Rolls issuing a statement saying that entry to the next home will be free for all.

"We would like to thank you all for your continued support and we can assure you that we are working tirelessly to make sure that club goes moves forward in the right direction." George "Trade Recruitment Supremo" Rolls.

Yeah, George - what direction is that then? 6 nil spankings at home, a team playing with a bit of spirit and pride torn apart and the club hurtling towards (what the fuck is Zamaretto) Zamaretto League stopping only to close the ground and move in with Dorchester probably.

Anyways, so its off to Bath City and a chance to get re-aqquanted with one of my favourite ramshackle non league grounds and the chance to see a few ex Weymouth players, not all of whom have worn the shirt with pride and passion. Amongst the Bath squad are Sido Jombarti, one of many players who played for us during the Financial Implosion 2008 season. Seasons at Weymouth over the last few years consisting of Pre-Season, Everything is OK Season (pre Christmas) and then the Oh Shit, Financial Implosion Season sponsored by Northern Rock (Post Christmas). Who could forget other such Terras legends as Adam Gross, Marcus Okunghae and Joel Katimarike, wonder what happened to him.......
Also in the squad are Marcus Browning who was a huge part of the Mel Bush 'Great Tindall Swindle' in which the Chairman Mel Bush gave huge new contracts to an under performing manager, Jason "Tango" Tindall and his assistant, Browning. Oh, did I mention that Tindall is the Son in Law of Bush and Browning his best mate. Just a coincidence I'm sure. Hopefully Browning, is in for a good booing this afternoon. Another joker who wore the Terra Cotta and Blue, Stuart Douglas, has recently left the club and Bath have recently signed Hector Mackie from us - a player who was with the club for about 6 months but never made a competitive appearance after getting injured in a pre season friendly. Football laws dictate he will score a hat trick against us this afternoon.

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