Sunday 18 November 2012

Fortuna Düsseldorf Ultras Stickers

Fortuna Düsseldorf Ultras Stickers

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There's not a bin or lamppost within a 17km radius of Fortuna's Esprit Arena that isn't covered in Ultras stickers. I've checked. Here's some of the best. 

 For some genuinely brilliant pictures of the Fortuna Ultras set your internet brower accordingly. 

Even Yoda is a Fortuna fan. Soul City are a Fortuna Ultras group with a love of Northern Soul and Ska music and with around half their members being female. Some more of their artwork over here.


That fella with the black tape across his eyes and the flare in his hand is Fortuna Düsseldorf captain Andreas "Lumpi" Lambertz, celebrating on the pitch after Fortuna secured promotion to the Bundesliga. He received a two match ban and a set of stickers for his waving the flare around.

"Bread and football". As in their the only things that matter, I think. I'd also like to add beer in there. Unless this is Fortuna Ultras group made up of recovering alcoholic master bakers then, well done you for beating your demons and I'll take a sliced crusty loaf ta.

 "If we come, we come together"

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  1. What an interesting collection of stickers. I wonder if you have any more that you could show us?