Thursday 17 June 2010

Why I'm still sick of the World Cup.

There really is no end to 'the man' trying to sell us stuff by making some sort of football reference to their product. I'm slowly starting to think that I could life my life for the duration of the tournament eating only Peter Crouch branded snacks, using only Peter Crouch endorsed products in the bathroom and Peter Crouch endorsed tat for every other function of my life.

Still, it looks more and more certain that there will be an end to this nightmare soon when the inevitable dismal exit from the tournament arrives.

For more quality merchandise clicky here.

Man, I'd love to punch that smug kid right in the gurning facepainted chops.

I think this advert has enraged me more than any of the other crap I've seen so far. It's for cat food. CAT FOOD. Honestly. 8 out of ten cats thought their owner was a fucking moron if they bought Felix because it ripped off the 3 Lions logo.

"Peperami. It's a bit of an animal". Yep, a pig's dick.

What better way to get rid of the god awful taste of a Peperami than by chugging down some limited edition red and white 'Tic Tacs'.

And now it's time to look at your submissions, in the gallery.

Duncan Gardner, age 32 from Stapleton, Bristol sent in this piece of FA branded nonsense.

Duncan Gardner, age 32.

And finally.....

Look, I could lie and say this relates to Danny Shittu and try and crowbar in some World Cup link but that would just be insulting your intelligence. It is what it is. It is the word 'shit'. Swear words are funny.

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