Sunday 11 April 2010

An attempt to convey how amazing a gig by Frightened Rabbit was.

Quite often I'm asked why I go to so many gigs, why do I spend so much money watching the same band over and over again, why don't I save my money for something worthwhile like a car or a house and why don't I try spending an evening in the fresh air rather than in a dingy venue watching a band that hasn't even had a song played by Mark Goodier on the Top 40.

Well, it's quite clear the people posing these questions aren't fans of music. They say they are, but they're the type of people who say they have a broad taste in music, when in fact broad means "shit". They're probably fans of Muse, Kasabian or Scouting for Girls, buy their CD's from Asda, go to see 2 bands a year at the local enormodome and even consider buying tickets for the musical shitfest that is V festival. Good for them.

Also, good for me as they weren't at the Frightened Rabbit gig on the Thekla in Bristol last month. Frightened Rabbit are the type of band that will never be mainstream, never be played by Mark Goodier and never be on sale in Asda. They are the type of band that anyone who has ever heard them will feel emotionally attached to, and this gig at the Thekla proves that.

Everyone in attendance at that gig was in awe of the band from the moment they slunk on stage and began playing songs from all three of their majestic albums. The crowd politely sung along with the heartfelt, sincere and yet also darkly comedic lyrics of Scott Hutchinson and swapped looks with loved ones/friends as each song seems to mean something special to everyone in the room. There's almost a sense of communal belonging in the bowels of the Thekla that night, the crowd elated to be witnessing such a perfomance and the band genuinely humbled that their music can appeal to, and reach, people in such a way.

The undoubted highlight of the gig however is the first song of the encore, the sublime 'Poke' sung acoustically and off mic by Scott. He beckoned the crowd close to the stage, stood in front of the speakers and seemingly sung the song, about the end of a relationship, to every individual in the sold out Thekla crowd. The song is sung beautifully, the crowd are respectful and everyone in attendance knows they are witnessing a special moment from a band that everyone here will treasure for the rest of their gig going days. On leaving the gig there is a special atmosphere in the crowd, snippets of conversations are overhead eulogising about how impressive the band were, strangers talk to strangers and struggle to find the words to describe what they have witnessed and outside people are almost in a state of disbelief caused by the emotional power of the performance they have just witnessed.

The feelings I get from moments like this are the reason I go to gigs, feelings you don't get anywhere else and a feeling that only the emotional impact of live music can have on you. These are feelings you don't get from listening to your Asda purchased CD at home.

Cheeky download:
Cover of 'Set You Free' (by N-Trance) by Frightened Rabbit. - Originally posted on Loft And Lost.


  1. I couldn't agree more. I've been lucky to see 'The Rabbit' have a dozen times or so and I've always left their gigs more elated than the last. They were without doubt, my band of 2009 and all looks well for this year.

  2. Mr Legg, with this blog you are spoiling us. Checked out Frightened Rabbit and i like what i hear. Bet Elbow and Radiohead are sold in Asda they eh?

    Catch up soon


  3. Hasn't that boat sunk yet?

    Last thing i remember of that place is the massive slant and low ceiling on the top floor (deck).