Tuesday 13 April 2010

AiT asked to design new Weymouth FC kit

Weymouth FC fans have been asked to come up with ideas for a new away kit and being the creative type I immediately got out my etch-a-sketch, some crayola crayons and one of them biros with 4 different colours and set to work on some ideas. Sadly they were all shit and I resorted to MS-Paint, where I produced something that was still shit but at least made it easier to put on this here computer internet thing.

I'm quite happy with the outcome, especially the cutting edge v-neck design, the mis shapen sleeves and the revolutionary little gap in the side of the left hand side of the shirt which will provide added aero dynamic qualities and give the Terras the all important edge in the "what the fuck is Zamaretto" Zamaretto league.

I am also pleased to unveil the exclusive AiT deal with Curtis is a Berk Industries. If my innovative ideas are taken on by the club, and I see no reason why not, then I will be announcing an exclusive deal which would see "Curtis is a berk" displayed all around the tinpot universe and give the brand message the exposure it deserves.

Up The Terras.

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